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What eventually became the original Village was the first phase of Edgecliff Addition (which began in 1947) built along Sycamore Creek and the surrounding farmsteads in an unincorporated portion of Tarrant County. In December, 1950, County Judge Gus Brown was presented a petition for incorporation. The election was held on January 20, 1951, and by a vote of 31 to 1, the Village of Edgecliff was formed. Judge Brown ordered the first Village Officers Election, which was held on April 3, 1951.

The Edgecliff West housing addition was approved in 1962 with Edgecliff II being started in 1969 and Edgecliff III in 1978. The land for City Hall was purchased in 1961. A small City Hall was built in 1965 and used until the present City Hall/Community Center was constructed in 1990. The first contract for law enforcement with Tarrant County Sheriff's Office was signed in 1986. The Edgecliff Village volunteer fire department was organized in 1979, which was when  the present fire station was built. Emergency medical services were officially established in 1987. The Village of Edgecliff was changed to the Town of Edgecliff Village in February, 1961, due to population growth. The Town's current population is approximately 2,650.


​You are a resident of the Town Of Edgecliff Village, Texas (NOT FORT WORTH). As such, we encourage you to use Edgecliff Village instead of Fort Worth in your address. This is perfectly legal and all of your mail  will be delivered to your proper address as long as you use the correct zip code (which is 76134).

Edgecliff Village aspires to be a model inner-city community of choice for people of all  generations and cultures by being a comprehensive provider of an attractive, clean, safe, and economically rewarding community for raising families and where the governing body will endeavor to stop all wrongs.


As you know, the town is only as good as its citizens make it; therefore, we urge you to get involved with your town by voting, attending meetings and taking an interest in various projects and/or committees.  We feel that we have a quality town and are looking for your input to keep it that way or, better yet, improve it.  You can and do make a difference.

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