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Edgecliff Water

Did you know that 100% of the water we use in our Town of Edgecliff Village is purchased from the City of Fort Worth. The water we consume each day comes from what we know as surface water, lakes in our region as well as reservoirs i.e, the Trinity river. These resources are recharged by mother nature as in rain and what we have come to know as storm water run off. This is produced from the excessive run off from yards, streets, parking lots etc. This means that fertilizer pesticides, animal poop, oils, grease and other chemicals are washed into our creeks, rivers and lakes right into our drinking water. (But don't panic) Yet! These byproducts can be removed through a variety of processes however, like everything else it comes with a price tag. The money that is generated from increased prices to treat raw water into good old clean drinking water will always stop at you and I, Mr. and Ms. Joe consumer. So lets all be good stewards to our most precious resource and do our part in keeping the storm water as clean as possible. And remember its (OUR WATER). 

Edgecliff Water Utilities/Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and monitoring of the water and wastewater collection system which includes the maintenance of all water and wastewater mains, fire hydrants, valves, pumps and motors. They read all water meters electronically each month, provide re-checks and service connections and disconnections, repair water breaks, leaks, wastewater stops and perform preventative maintenance for all the above.




If you need water service, please print the required application (see links below). The deposit for residential service for Renters is $160, for Homeowners the deposit amount is $85.00. The deposit is refundable upon cancellation of service and the account is in good standing.









All applicants MUST provide proof of residence: Purchasing the home (HUD 1 needed), Renting the home (lease agreement needed)


Currently the options for payment are: Cash, Check, Money Order; Credit Cards(Debit cards are processed as Credit) Please note, there is a 2.5% service fee for using credit/debit cards. Auto Bank Drafts do not have a service fee, and are pulled on the 15th of the month to ensure timely payment.


To save a stamp or mailing time, we do have a drop slot which is located on the left side of the City Hall building.














The City of Fort Worth will increase charges for water to EV effective Oct 1, 2022. Following are the new rates for residential/commercial water customers:



Watering between the hours of

10:00am - 6:00 PM is prohibited

                     1 - No Residential Watering on Mondays and Fridays

          2 - Odd number address may only water on Sunday & Thursday only.

3 - Even numbers addresses may only water on Saturdays & Wednesdays.


Tickets will be written no exceptions!

Residential Water Rates


0 - 2000 Gallons

2,001 - 10,000 Gallons

10,001 - up



Commercial Water Rates


0 - 2000 Gallons

2,001 - 10,000 Gallons

10,001 - up




High Volume User


0 - up gallons



Residential Sewer Rates




Commercial Sewer Rates


0 - 2,000 Gallons

2,001 - up 



High Volume Sewer Rates


0 - up per 1,000 gallons






Flat Rate




$ 18.82

$   6.77 per 1,000 gallons

$   8.11 per 1,000 gallons





$  30.13

$   8.48 per 1,000 gallons

$  11.03 per 1,000 gallons






$  6.87 per 1,000 gallons




$  39.96 Flat Rate





$  63.85

$   7.61 





$   6.24 per 1,000 gallons






$17.31 (curb) +  $1.25 tax

$20.34 (valet) + $1.40 tax




The Town charges a Stormwater Utility Fee to pay for items and activities such as maintaining stormwater drains and pipelines, stormwater utility permit renewals, and other expenses related to stormwater. For residential properties, the minimum monthly fee is $6, and the maximum monthly fee is $12, calculated using a formula that includes lot size (square footage). The minimum monthly fee for developed, non-residential properties is  $6, also based on a formula that includes lot size.

Section 3:​              UTILITY BILLING POLICIES


A.   All charges for water, sewer, and refuse service within the Town of Edgecliff Village shall be due and payable immediately upon receipt of a statement from the city. Such charges shall become delinquent on the first working day after the 16th of the month in which such statement is sent. The board of aldermen may assess a delinquent fee applicable to any such delinquent amounts.


B.   If such water, sewer or refuse service fee have not been paid by the customer by the first working day after the last day of the month in which such account becomes delinquent, the water services shall be disconnected. City staff shall first make a reasonable effort to notify the customer of the delinquency and of the date of disconnection of utilities. In the event that the customer honors all past delinquent amounts prior to the cutoff date, then no diconnection interruption of service shall be made. Failing, however, to bring all such delinquencies current by the cutoff date, services will be discontinued by the town to the customer. 


C.   After water service has been discontinued because of a delinquent bill, the service may not be reconnected until the following charges are paid:

  1. all delinquent amounts;

  2. assessed late payment charges, if any;

  3. an amount sufficient to restore the meter deposit to the required level if it has bee reduced or depleted; and

  4. a reconnection charge as established in the Appendix of this Code. 


(Ordinance No. 352.99 of January 14,1999)


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